Xmas Trees

Xmas Trees with a difference from Narrowboat Farm…

Since turning a 4-acre wheat field into our market garden, we have planted over 2000 trees, and are planning to plant many many more. So it’s fair to say we like trees! We hate the sight of dead trees littering the streets in January when there really is a better option. With that in mind, we’d like to offer you an alternative to this, where you can do your bit for the environment at the same time.

So in Spring 2018, when the Beast from the East was in full swing, we planted 1000 Scots Pine seeds on our heated greenhouse bench. Here they are as of Summer 2018:

Scots Pine, as the name suggests, are a native pine tree that is one of America’s favourite Xmas trees. Scots Pines used to dominate much of the ancient Caledonian pine forests of Scotland, only remnants of which still remain.

Scots Pine are overlooked in favour of continental and American trees, most Xmas trees are Nordmann Firs from Eastern Europe. But Scots Pine make beautiful trees with the best needle retention of any pine, as well as smelling and looking great.

So this is where our Xmas trees differ: you will enjoy a potted tree which you then have three options in January:

1) Keep the tree and plant it somewhere yourself
2) Get us to pick up the tree, lovingly tend to it for another year and have it ready for you for next Xmas
3) Get us to pick up the tree and plant it somewhere for you

And even better – all three options are absolutely free of charge when you buy your Xmas tree from us.

Now obviously, we will only have very wee trees available in 2018 (with awfy wee price tags to match), but in years to come a variety of sizes will be available. But why not have your very own baby Xmas tree in 2018 with the option of having the same tree year after year. BTW, Scots Pine can live for over 500 years so your great great great great great great great great great great great great grandkids can enjoy the same tree too 🙂

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