The Veg Boat

A little bit of history brought back alive…

Back in the 1820s when the Union Canal opened, farmers were beside themselves with excitement at this new, smooth, rapid transport system! Building jetties to load their crops for market, building special barges to get horse and cart on and even a special dung boat which brought fresh smelly goodness back to the farms. Fast forward nearly 200 years and we’re bringing this tradition back alive with our Veg Boat.

On September 7th 2019 we tested out the idea for the first time and it was wildly successful! Scroll down for a wee video of the day and some local press coverage. Thanks to the success of it, we’re planning to do it more often in 2020 so keep your eyes peeled for more info on that!

Linlithgow Community Magazine Article (click here to see full magazine article):

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