Pick Your Own Pumpkins

It’s back! 19/20 and 26/27 October 2019

*** Pumpkin Boat Cruise Tickets are now live: click here ***

Building on the huge success of Halloween 2018, we’ve planted out 450 Pumpkin plants which should give us about 1500 Pumpkins to pick from in 2019. We’ve also got plans to increase the spooky fun at Narrowboat Farm with more activities.

When: the field will be open for picking from 10am until 4pm, on Sat 19th, Sun 20th, Sat 26th and Sun 27th October 2019

How: Entry is free and no need to book, unless you want to get tickets for a Pumpkin cruise or book a Pumpkin carving workshop (details of that to follow). When you arrive, you can follow the signs a very short distance in to the pumpkin patch, select your pumpkin(s) and pay as you leave the patch. We will have a few wheelbarrows available if you pick a monster, and a few sets of spare wellies although the pumpkins themselves are sat on weed matting so it shouldn’t be too swampy.

How Much: Pumpkins cost £3(small)/£5(medium)/£7(large)/£9(XL) with any ‘monsters’ priced by weight. We accept card payments as well as cash. The carving workshops are available at no extra charge for pumpkins purchased at Narrowboat Farm (places limited, booking details to follow).

What Else Is There To Do: It’s not just pumpkin picking at Narrowboat Farm, you can sit in a tractor and pretend to be a farmer, you can play our field games, you can sit in our mini-cinema and enjoy some Halloween cartoons. Stay tuned for details of short boat cruises from the farm on the day too with our friends from Bridge 19-40 Canal Society.

Where: Narrowboat Farm is easy to find. It is 2 miles East of Linlithgow, a 30 minute walk/canoe or 10 minute cycle from Linlithgow train station along the canal. At the Park Bistro, you cross the canal bridge and take a sharp left along the B-road, past two small cottages and into the field with the polytunnel. EH49 6QY for your satnav (although that might take you to the Park Bistro). Find us on Google maps.

And of course you can’t leave without proudly displaying your pumpkins and getting snapped as a ghost, pumpkin, monster or bat!

Stay tuned for more updates here and on our social media feeds…

September 2019: A huge variety of pumpkins this year (top left to bottom right): Atlantic Giants, Hooligans, Knuckleheads and Caspars

August 2019: A pumpkin patch full of vines

July 2019: Bees pollinating/Vines spreading/First Pumpkins forming after a slow start

May 2019: 450 Pumpkin plants planted out

Here are some highlights from 2018 Pumpkin picking at Narrowboat Farm 🙂

Come and enjoy some family fun this Halloween at Narrowboat Farm and pick your own pumpkins. Grown right here on site, we have 1000 Jack O’Lanterns waiting to be carved by you!

Our Pumpkins
Here you can follow the story of our pumpkins from seed to carving:

early May 2018: 300 organic ‘Jack O’Lantern’ seeds sown:

late May 2018: 285 surviving seedlings planted out in the field:

June 2018: first blossoms and teeny fruits:

early July 2018: vines spreading and fruits growing during the hot spell:

late July 2018: pumpkins approaching football size already and vines have covered the whole patch…

early August 2018: growinng bigger and bigger, and some have even started to ripen!

late August 2018: doing some test carving on ripened pumpkins

early September 2018: the plants are dying back naturally to reveal ripe pumpkins

late September 2018: the pumpkins have been snipped off the dead plants and sat upright to ripen in the sunshine

early October 2018: treating the pumpkins to dry bottoms as the weather turns Autumnal, 200 in the polytunnel too to make sure there are healthy pumpkins for the last few days of picking…

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