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In 2020, in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and an overwhelming demand for produce, we decided to create a network of mini farms in our local community. These are individuals and families converting part of their lawns over to food production, or indeed just a windowsill with pots. In the spirit of ‘Dig For Victory’, whilst people are locked down in their homes, a little bit of horticulture is good for the spirit and good to help feed our country as veggies become scarce. There are now 1000 members – wow!!!

This is run through a facebook group called ‘Linlithgow Farmily‘. Anyone local to Narrowboat Farm can get stuck in and make use of all of the resources there. Those further away can learn remotely but the main thrust is to get our locals growing and supporting them by providing them with all the kit they need.

A family getting busy with their mini farm starter pack

The facebook group is run by four expert growers and Narrowboat Farmer Iain coordinating. There are how-to videos, access to bulk buying of seeds, compost and equipment. There are tutorials and fact sheets as well as a brilliantly supportive community of mini farmers. If you’d like to join and you’re local to Narrowboat Farm, just ask to join the facebook group πŸ™‚


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Over the past week we’ve seen over 250 mini farms start to spring up across our local town. We’ve delivered 50 ‘starter packs’ with trays, compost, seeds and seed potatoes. The local @linlithgowdiy store has been rushed off their feet delivering compost. People are busy building veg beds, propogating seeds and sowing tattie grow bags… . As well as that, the generous members of our ‘Linlithgow Family Farmers’ Facebook group (link in our insta bio) have donated 15 starter kits, so if you are a local struggling with cash or a member of our glorious healthcare community, please get in touch if you would like a free mini farm starter kit. The first 15 can be delivered as soon as tomorrow, thereafter we’ll start a wee list . One street we delivered to last night had a mini farm starting in almost every garden!!! There’s more than a little bit of ‘Dig For Victory’ about this and we salute the people of Lithgae! Whilst people are on lockdown a little bit of gardening can go a long way to helping our heads and hearts. . Stay safe, stay sane and stay the heck away from other people… . Iain and the Narrowboat Farm team πŸ™‚

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