We believe in sustainable farming, and we practice what we preach. Anything ending in '-cide' can do one! So you know only mother nature's finest ingredients go into our produce.

We're a test site for community-owned canal moorings, seeking out a bright future for Scotland's canals. Canals help remind people that you don't always have to be busy.

The average age of a farmer is about 60 years old! As 'young' farmers, we've joined a bunch of innovators with our micro-farm, helping to ensure the future is bright for food production.

We farm like it was done before industrialisation, when farms lost their habitats, hedgerows, birds, bees and trees. It's our way of fostering a healthy environment for future generations.

Back in the 1820's, farmers took advantage of the new canals to transport their goods to market. 200 years later we are bringing this tradition back alive.

Our Farm

If you'd like to find out more about our wee farm and how we go about running an eco-friendly market garden, then this is the page for you.

Our Produce

Find out about all the tasty produce that you can get your hands on from our wee farm by clicking on this one.

Our Boats

Interested in the narrowboats (and wider ones)? Here you can find out about the traditional canal boats and their way of life.

About Us

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